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Jade Skirt 5 Ways

Elastic waistbands are life. I wear them most days because what can be more comfortable?

I’d like to introduce you to the newest elastic band garment– the Jade Skirt! We designed the Jade skirt after the Oasis dress and immediately fell in love. I don’t typically wear skirts (haven’t owned one in years), but I wanted to challenge myself by creating 10 outfits.

Below you’ll see 5 of the outfits, but watch the video to see all 10!

Outfit 1: Family Dinner

The Jade skirt Is incredibly versatile and makes a statement in gingham. Paired with the Granada shirt, it makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn. The Granada in camel lyocell / linen makes this outfit family dinner appropriate.


Granada shirt in camel lyocell / linen

Jade Skirt

Nisolo sides

Outfit 2: Plant Shopping

Plant shopping is my new weekend outing, which means the only time I dress up. The Sol top in black paired with the Jade skirt is comfortable, cute, and put together. Wear this outfit with Birkenstocks or any comfortable shoe and you are good to go!


Sol top in black

Jade Skirt

Arizona Birkenstocks

Outfit 3: Farmers Market

The Jade skirt made casual and sporty for a day of produce shopping with my Arq tank and Superga sneakers. I spy with my eye a new matching accessory. It will be available on our site next week along with new zero waste products!


Arq tank in toffee

Jade Skirt

Superga Sneakers

Outfit 4: Botanical Gardens

Nature is the way to my heart and taking a stroll at the botanical gardens sounds lovely. A faux dress made with a matching Lyla and Jade in gingham is the epitome of what I want to wear this summer.


Lyla crop in gingham

Jade skirt in gingham

Marais sandals (discontinued)

Outfit 5: Coffee Run

Weekend mornings and oat milk lattes go hand-in-hand. The Jade skirt with my Free Label Frannie top makes me feel dressed up with minimal effort. That’s what you want for a coffee run on the weekend.


Free Label Frannie Wrap Top

Jade Skirt in gingham

Marais sandals (discontinued)

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