The Lena Pant in Three Fabrics

There is no surprise the Lena is our best-selling pant of the season. It’s the most comfortable with its wide-leg design and elastic waistband.  It is the only style we offer in several types of fabrics. It is currently offered in modal (the OG style), tencel, and a tencel/flax blend. Soon, we will offer a similar style in linen! 

I’ve been asked several times the difference in all the fabrics because it is hard to tell online. I figured the best way to show you would be with a video that shows how each fabric moves.

Lena in Modal

The drapiest Lena pant and most form fitting is the modal fabric. Even though it is the same wide-leg design, the jersey knit hugs your body more. It is the most comfortable out of the 3 and feels the most like pajamas.

I wear the Lena in modal when I want to wear the softest pants I own. It can be dressed up or down with the right shoe. In fall/winter, I wear the it with booties and in warm weather I wear sandals and mules.

Lena in Tencel

Tencel is the most luxurious fabric because of its likeness to silk. It is soft, has wonderful drape, and can be dressed up easily. I would wear the Tencel Lena to a coffee shop or for date night.

Since it looks/feels like silk, the tencel Lena is the most dressed up option of the three fabrics. Even though it can be worn with sneakers, it automatically looks more elevated because of the fabric composition.

I usually pair the Tencel Lena with more casual tops to make the outfit less dressy unless I’m going out!

Lena in Tencel/Flax Canvas

The most structured Lena of the three is the olive because it’s a tencel/flax canvas. It is thicker than the other two fabrics and holds it’s shape meaning it doesn’t hug your curves as much. The tencel/flax canvas is the best option for those looking for a more structured pant that isn’t form-fitting.

I wear the olive Lena with everything! It is the easiest fabric to wear because regardless of your top and shoe, it will look put together and ready for either the office or going out.

We are now on YouTube! I will start uploading more videos on both IGTV and YouTube. If you have any suggestions for video content, let me know! 

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