Let’s Talk About What’s New– Shall we?

I know it’s been a while since we’ve had anything new, but I’ve been slowly figuring out my new normal with a 10 week old at home. Like how to shower, eat, clean, and work during those short naps Olivia takes. I feel accomplished if I shower by 10am!

Anyway, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been working on the new collection that will be launching by December! There will be 4 new pieces—2 dresses, trousers and a jumpsuit. It will be our first pair of pants and I’m so excited to see what you think. Our sizing will remain the same because the trousers will have an elastic waistband.

All four pieces will be made with either Tencel or modal and will be…drumroll please… nursing friendly! It has been sad not being able to wear my Sotela dresses postpartum because they aren’t breast-feeding friendly. I’ve gotten several requests from customers to have nursing-friendly pieces so I’m happy to finally make it happen.

As for colors, I’m keeping it basic and sticking with black, gray, and blue. You really can’t go wrong with those colors.

I’ve spoken to my factory and we are thinking about implementing a short and tall option for the trousers and jumpsuit. How many of you would like that?  It would be such a big help if you answered the survey below!! Trying to design pants when you are 5’3” isn’t easy!

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One last thing– I don’t have a name for the new collection! It will technically launch in the winter, but we won’t really have winter pieces. Do you guys have any ideas?! How about the person who comes up with the new collection name will win an item once it launches? Send me your ideas by email, DM or comment below!

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