Listening To My Intuition Changed My Life


My birthday is this weekend and I’m feeing particularly nostalgic about the last three years of my life. I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, bought a home, landed a full-time job, quit said job, and launched my dream company.

It’s been an incredible three years that was only possible by listening to my intuition. 

In 2013, my happiness in my full-time job lasted a month before I had the same gut-feeling I felt in graduate school. My intuition told me to run because this wasn’t for me. I spoke to family and friends and most felt the same way about their jobs. It was reassuring, but didn’t convince me. Fortunately, I found a creative outlet in my blog, Gold Polka Dots.

Writing this blog changed my life. I learned about the impacts of the fashion industry, pledged to give up fast fashion, and became an avid ethical fashion enthusiast.

Two years into my job and blog, I felt restless. That pesky gut-feeling came back asking if this job and blog were enough. Several questions popped up such as:

What do I really want?

How do I want to live my life every single day?

Will I be okay living the safe route?

When I finally had the time to question my intuition, I realized I didn’t need the full-time job to be happy. Yes, we need money to survive, but I could find other ways to do that. The master’s degree and stable full-time job were only the “shiny pennies” I thought I needed to collect in order to be happy.

I wrote a list of things I could do with my life based on my new found passions.  I came up with, writing a book, starting a children’s clothing line, a maternity line, and a beauty product line. After several weeks of deliberation, I chose to start a maternity line.

I created secret boards on Pinterest with inspiration for my new clothing line. I began designing and thinking of names for my brand. When I felt ready enough to share my idea, I emailed Shannon Lohr, founder of Factory45. She excitedly approved of my idea and urged me to apply. Without hesitation, I did and was accepted into her spring class last year.

Sometimes Your Intuition Speaks To You Through Your Health

It was during the program I shifted gears from a maternity line to a woman’s clothing line. The tiny detail of not being a mother or experiencing pregnancy pushed me to change my idea. After a month, I took a break from the program to focus on my health. I briefly talked about my hormonal issues here.  I’m so thankful for that break (even though I felt miserable) because I had the opportunity to check in with my gut, literally.

My intuition told me to focus on other things such as personal growth and development. If I hadn’t experienced that miserable bloating last year, I wouldn’t have immersed myself in books about the female cycle, creativity, and entrepreneurship. You may think it’s an interesting combination, but it is the epitome of what I believe Sotela to be.

My journey into personal development has led me to be more aware of my intuition. I often take moments to stop what I’m doing and check-in with myself. I ask those hard questions like, “Am I happy?” If the answer is yes, I continue what I’m doing, but if I hear “no” then I try to change it. The best way to figure out why you aren’t happy is to write to your intuition.

If you are interested in getting more in tuned with your intuition (highly recommend it), start by reading this post from Jess Lively. I’ve learned SO MUCH from listening to her podcast such as perspective, ego vs. intuition, and how to be more self-aware.

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