Living Room Design Inspiration with Midcentury Modern Decor

Living Room inspiration

I’m sorry if it seems that I jump from the kitchen to the living room, but that is how my brain works. I have both of these rooms on my mind because I’m determined to finish them before any of the other rooms.

I created this inspiration board to help me and my husband visualize how I want my living room to look. I know for sure I like blue, gold, white and midcentury modern pieces.

When I wrote my first home design post, I didn’t include any wood furniture. I was set on having white, black and gold furniture. I’ve since realized that wood pieces, especially midcentury modern furniture, make any space look homey and comfortable because of its clean lines and tapered legs. These four pictures are how I would like to design my living room filled with midcentury modern decor and lots of blue accents. I absolutely love this color combination as it was our wedding’s color scheme!

The two coffee tables on the top right and bottom left are my absolute favorites. J and I are going to build our own coffee table similar to the bottom left picture because they are just so darn expensive. I will soon post the tutorial we used and maybe tweaks if any were needed.

Similar to the first picture, I want to buy shelves that flank my TV and make it less of a focal point. We bought a 55 inch TV over the weekend and I’m hoping the shelves will take away from its size and make the room look more balanced. Our wall is large enough for the TV stand and two gold shelves!

Three out of the four pictures on my inspiration board are rooms Emily Henderson styled. I absolutely love her, which is why she is my WCW, woman crush Wednesday.

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