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Los Angeles Arboretum

On Valentine’s Day, J, my sister and I went to the LA Arboretum to picnic and walk around. We had a mini photoshoot since I was submitting outfit photos to AWEAR World, a blog dedicated to showcasing individuals who shop consciously without compromising style.

I’ve been meeting so many wonderful people who are as passionate as I am about ethical fashion and living consciously that it is truly inspiring. It is hard not feeling like an outcast when you shop and eat differently than most people so it is refreshing when you meet someone that is on the same boat as you. AWEAR World has been doing such a great job of showcasing individuals with different styles and backgrounds.

I wore a thrifted 70’s inspired dress from Crossroads Trading Co. and my fringe booties that I’ve had for several years. Since it was Valentine’s Day and we were dressed up, my sister took photos of me and J walking though the Arboretum.

70's Inspired Thrifted Dress 70's Inspired Thrifted Dress 70's Inspired Thrifted Dress 70's Inspired Thrifted Dress

And with our lovely photographer and best friend
70's Inspired Thrifted Dress

The Arboretum is surprisingly quiet and serene even though it is in a busy city like Arcadia. I love being outdoors and can’t wait for our vacation to Hawaii! We leave tomorrow and I can’t wait to wear the bathing suit I just finished sewing! I’m pretty proud with the finished product since I’ve only sewn three projects before starting my bathing suit. I won’t be posting any new posts next week, but will be posting photos on Instagram!

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