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Luna Wrap Dress: Before and After

One of the most common questions we get is — “How many inches should I hem the Luna wrap dress?”

For the Lino Collection, we added more options to our products such as length and button color. All of our jumpsuits and pants come in three rise and inseam lengths. Our button-up shirts come in two lengths as well as two button colors and the Luna Wrap dress now has a text box for you to add how many inches you’d like hemmed.

The Luna wrap dress was designed to be a midi style. Our models who are both 5’9″, wore the Luna where it hit mid-calf. I, on the other hand, am very petite. I’m about 5’2″ so most dresses that are meant to be midi- length actually hit at my ankle.

Today, I want to share how the Luna Wrap dress looks hemmed and the process that goes behind it!

I’m wearing the Luna Wrap Dress in size 1 chambray. The photo on the left is how the Luna looks untouched. The photo on the right is the Luna Wrap dress hemmed 4.25″.

I typically recommend hemming the Luna 3-4″ if you are under 5’9″. I probably could’ve cut 5″, but I wanted to preserve the midi-length design.

If you are curious to see how we hem already-made garments, the video below shows the entire process!

Sonia, our dressmaker, pinned the dress at 4″ to see if that would be the best length. Once I confirmed, Monet began marking the dress with chalk. She measures 4″ above the hem and creates a line all the way across before cutting with electric scissors. We always place kraft paper under because it stabilizes the fabric while cutting. The cut dress then goes to Sonia where she changes the thread and begins sewing the hem.

The process is a little different with orders because we typically know of any order customizations prior to cutting and sewing. If we are cutting an order with a requested shorter length, we’d mark the pattern instead of the fabric. Folding the pattern before cutting ensures we don’t waste fabric by having to cut twice.

We started offering more customizations this year because all bodies are so different. Since we are made-to-order, we have the opportunity to make clothing that fits you perfectly. And that’s our goal. We want to create quality versatile clothing that is tailored to your body.

If you ever have questions regarding fit, size, or length, please email us at hello (at) sotela.co!

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