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BTS: Meet our Newest Fabrics

If you are a long time Sotela customer, you’d know we typically gravitate towards tencel and linen. Linen is our go-to summer fiber because of its natural properties and tencel is a dressier option that worked for winter.

The Bosque is the first collection with new fibers that haven’t been used before. WIth everything going on this year, I knew I wanted to change our winter offering. Instead of our classic tencel  that looks and feels like silk, I wanted a fabric that felt like a warm hug on your skin. My search for eco-friendly fibers started with deadstock wool. Deadstock is surplus fabric leftover from other fashion companies that are reused. It’s a wonderful sustainable option that can work if you don’t need consistent quantities.

After sampling two non-itchy deadstock wool options, I wasn’t fully convinced. It made our designs look dressy, which isn’t what I envisioned for this collection. So, we went back to the drawing board and I ordered more options including the current organic cotton twill in olive and camel. It is a  brushed fiber that is soft and feels almost like flannel. Even though it’s the thickest fabric we’ve offered, it doesn’t add extra bulk to our designs. This cotton twill has natural give that lets you move around comfortably as if it had spandex. Talk about the perfect choice for 2020, right?

The second new fabric in the Bosque Collection is our lyocell / linen. It is the perfect combination of my two favorites. It has a similar look and drape to tencel, but more structured and substantial like linen. Due to its composition, it has a beautiful weave that can be seen up close. This fabric is available in black, white, olive and camel. A local eco-friendly dye house color matched the cotton twill so our olive and camel lyocell/ linen colors look the same. Having the olive and camel colorways available in both fibers was important to increase its versatility. I wanted you to be able to wear the Granada Button up in olive lyocell / linen paired with the olive sweater Ryan trousers for a pantsuit look.

There is so much thought that goes behind a new collection. What begins with inspiration, turns into a color story and finally, physical products that meet your expectations. 

If you are interested in receiving swatches of our new collection, we are sending them at no extra cost! Respond to this email with your mailing address and we’ll send that to you right away. 

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