Mixing Prints

Fun Fact 1: I have pretty bad plantar fasciitis. It got to the point where I actually had cortisone injected in my heel because I was in so much pain. Talk about not fun. Since seeing my podiatrist, I decided to not buy cheap shoes, flats with absolutely no support, or flip flops. I started buying Aerosoles and Clarks (yes, those shoes) and can honestly say my feet feel 100x better. These wedges are from Aerosoles and are super cute. I can wear them for days without feeling any pain  or compromising my style.

Okay now on to the outfit. If you are scared of mixing prints, don’t worry. I was too. I chose two pieces that I’ve seen go well together, animal print and stripes. I also chose them based on their colors, which are neutral. To ease into mixing prints, I suggest picking items that are similar in color like the blue, ivory and grey I chose for today’s post. Not too scary anymore, right?

Mixing Prints
Gold Polka Dots - Mixed Prints 4
Gold Polka Dots -Mixing Prints

1. Shirt (similar)
2. Pants (similar)
3. Shoes
4. Clutch (similar)

*Update: In 2014, I pledged to stop buying from fast fashion stores and only buy ethically made clothing. Read more about my decision here

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