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My Go-To Winter Outfit

Seamly cardigan + Everlane Muscle teecardigan 2

Cardigan: Seamly
Muscle Tee: Everlane

If I’m not in pajamas or workout clothes, you will most likely find me in leggings, an oversized sweater and boots. A combination of these three things has been my uniform this season and I couldn’t be happier. Not only does it cut my getting ready time, but I also know that any combination I pick will work. This is what you call a capsule wardrobe and it has become increasingly popular because of this girl. Having several items you wear on repeat throughout a season is the main idea behind a capsule wardrobe and makes getting ready a breeze.

This cardigan probably looks familiar because it is a Seamly favorite. If you are new to Gold Polka Dots, you will soon find out that Seamly and Everlane are two of my favorite brands. I love Seamly’s versatile clothes and Everlane’s basic tees. My sister recently bought this oatmeal cardigan from Seamly and I’ve already borrowed it several times. The oatmeal color goes with everything and I’ve worn it over a dress, as a dress and as a cardigan.

This muscle tee is such a flattering style for women because it is loose and drapes over your shoulders. There are certain tank tops I don’t like wearing because I’m self-conscious about the area next to my arm pit, but with this muscle tee, everything is perfectly covered. 🙂

Seamly cardigan + Everlane Muscle tee Seamly cardigan + Everlane Muscle tee 7

And what do you do when you wear a muscle tee?

Seamly cardigan + Everlane Muscle tee

You flex, of course.

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