My Inspiration Behind the Terra Collection

The Beginning Stages 

I started dreaming up the Terra Collection in August after craving a slight change in direction from previous collections. Up until this point, I’ve played it safe with my color choices, fabrics, and designs because of the fear of the unknown. The fear of choosing designs in set colors was too big and limited my offerings. However, once I decided to change our model to be made-to-order, I knew certain risks were a possibility. I didn’t have to worry about cutting and sewing 50 olive tops if only 20 people liked the color. It also made the decision to be more inclusive with our sizing easier. 

That one change led us to our biggest collection yet.. 

The Process

My approach with this collection was slow and intentional. I spent 4 months testing, sourcing fabrics, sampling, and finalizing. I bought tons of fabric in a range of colors because I wanted to test every possibility. This time around, I hired more contractors to assist with patterns and grading because it was such a large undertaking. In the past, my seamstress did everything from patterns to grading and sampling. Broadening our network improved these designs because there were more eyeballs to offer recommendations on aspects I was unsure about. 

The Inspiration 

Whenever I meditate or told to go to my happy place, I think of the Red Rocks in Utah. I essentially see myself sitting on top of a large canyon like Big Bend, even though I’ve never been (ha!). That vision was my inspiration for this collection, hence the name Terra. Terra is another word for Earth, but it reminds me of the spanish word tierra (dirt).

Once I knew I wanted bold earthy tones like rust, copper, and clay, I looked at contrasting colors like olive and emerald to ground the overall collection.

Finding the exact shades for each piece was another endeavor, to say the least. 

The Garments 

Out of the 7 pieces I originally designed, we are launching six. The seventh didn’t turn out quite right so I don’t know if I will improve it and save for later or completely nix the idea.

The Terra collection includes three tops (!!), trousers, a cardigan, jacket, and dress. The Essentials collection that also launches next week includes an updated Ryan trouser, Lena pant, and Stella Jumpsuit, which will now be offered in 3-4 colors. I’ve added a new fabric to the mix as well, a tencel/linen canvas blend, which is perfect for cooler weather. 

I’ve said this many times before, but friends, THIS IS THE BEST COLLECTION YET. The designs, fit, and overall details are so so good. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more updates and a special discount code to shop the new collections!


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