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My Plan for the September Second Hand Challenge

Second Hand Challenge 2

Ready for a challenge? Sotela and the rest of the Ethical Writer’s Coalition are hosting a second hand challenge this month. We want you to shop second hand first. We hope you make the effort to join our challenge because it lessens the amount of clothing thrown away in landfills (right now we are at 70 pounds a year) and decreases the negative impact donated clothes has on developing economies.

Even though donating clothes is a good thing for thrift stores, the amount we donate is insane! With the onset of fast fashion and fast fleeting trends, we are  buying and donating at quicker rates than before.

About 30% of what is donated is sold to textile recycling centers that cut clothes into rags or clothes. 

20% of clothes is processed back into basic fiber, which can be used for upholstery or insulation. 

45% is packaged into large bales and sold to the secondhand market in the U.S. or developing countries.

The 45% of donated clothes that is sold in developing countries can be hurting their economies since they aren’t manufacturing their own textile. The problem isn’t donating clothes, but buying cheap disposable clothing. 

We need to take several steps back and slow down. If you are thinking about joining the challenge, don’t forget these 5 tips to help you find what you need at second hand stores.

My plan for this month’s challenge is to only buy items that I’ve wanted and needed such as looser fitted clothing. This year I’ve had minor health issues that made wearing a lot of my regular clothes difficult. I found myself wondering why I didn’t have more clothing that was loose and comfortable such as shift dresses and box tops.

These two outfits from my Pinterest are exactly what I will be looking for at thrift stores this month.

Always have a plan!

Fall Wish List

Left Image via: Elizabeth Suzann Right image via: Calivintage

Stay tuned to see if I find clothing that resembles these outfits! Be sure to also check out what the rest of the Ethical Writers Coalition are doing this month:

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Don’t forget to use the tag #ethicalwritersco when sharing your second hand purchases!

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