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My Spring Go-to Outfit

Go-to outfitGo-to outfitGo-to outfitGo-to outfit

I spruced up one of my go-to outfits with a thrifted vest and booties several weeks ago. Chambray and denim is a go-to outfit for me because it is comfortable and versatile (remember this post?). I like having several go-to outfits for each season like this winter one,  or this one for summer because it makes life that much easier.

I’m glad I had the ethically made vs. vegan conversation because yes, I am wearing a fur vest.  I bought it at a secondhand store before I changed my diet, but still wear it because I really like it. It’s also warm, which helps during colder LA spring days.

If you are thinking about go-to outfits and are interested in chambray,  Everlane has really great ethically made options. I’d suggest looking at your closet this weekend and coming up with several go-to outfits even if that means pairing a specific pant with shoes. I get ready a lot quicker during the week because I have go-to outfits for different days. For example, if I wear leggings, I always wear my Seamly cardigan with a belt and boots. All I have to do is decide if today is a leggings day.

What is one of your go-to outfits?

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