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My Switch To Natural Skincare and Makeup Products

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to makeup and skincare. The only makeup I had until my early 20’s was eyeliner and even then I only wore it on special occasions. I’ve since started wearing more makeup (hello dark circles), but it’s so light that I still feel like me.

Since having Olivia, I’ve transitioned most of my makeup products to natural brands. I didn’t want to keep putting toxic ingredients on my skin anymore, especially since I breastfeed.

I waited this long to make the switch because I didn’t want to throw all of my conventional makeup away. I know it wasn’t the best decision to keep using it, but I felt worse about throwing it out.

Natural Skincare Products

I typically have dry skin, but it has gotten worse postpartum. After my last facial at Natural Feeling Spa in LA (100% recommend), I decided to enhance my skincare routine. Using coconut oil as a facial cleanser wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. However, the homemade face lotion I shared on my blog a couple years ago still gets used, but only at night.

Lotus Moon Facial Cleanser– I wash my face every night with this cleanser. It is super light and refreshing.

Lotus Moon hydrating lotion– My daily go-to face lotion. It is light and doesn’t leave my face feeling oily.

Juice Beauty CC Cream– oh my god. This is my favorite ever. It’s practically a tinted sunscreen that adds coverage, but doesn’t make your face look cakey. I bought the Desert Glow color and I wear it every single day.


Natural Makeup products

These are the first and only natural makeup products I’ve tried so I can’t really compare other brands, but I’m happy with these!

Elate Cosmetics Cream Blush– I use this product as blush, on my lips, and sometimes eyeshadow. Since I’m pretty minimal with makeup, I love products that accomplish several tasks.

Elate Cosmetics Mascara– It stays on pretty well, but at the end of night my eyes feel itchy. I’m not sure if it’s the mascara or because I’m sleepy, which is all the time.

Brow powder- There isn’t a link to purchase the powder I use (sorry), but here one option and another that are natural.

Chapstick- I can’t find the link to the organic chapstick I use! I received it as a sample from the Yellow Conference and use it almost everyday. Some great options are Badger Balm and Dr. Bronners.

And last but not least, I keep all of my products in this cute makeup bag by The Little Market.

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