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9 Natural Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

As the years have passed, my beauty routine has become decidedly more simple. And not just in what types of products I use (less is more, I always say) but what those products are made with. While I do admit to buckling on certain drugstore-type cheap thrills, my sensitive skin has squandered the days of two dollar lipstick and 99 cent nail polish. Quality items that are – ideally – made as locally as possible and that are also friendly to animals are way more my game. Here is a collection of the natural beauty products that I’ve been obsessed with lately.

Skin Care

Skin care is where I am most likely to splurge – after all your skin is the largest organ in our bodies so it’s important to take great care of it. Right now I am just using bar soap (gasp!) to clean my face but I am in the market for a good gentle cleanser. For removing makeup and keeping my face dirt-free throughout the day, I use these Burt’s Bees wipes. I love that they are made for sensitive skin and they smell so good. A zero waste option I have yet to try is coconut oil for makeup removal.

Until recently, I never used toner of any kind but I discovered this Witch Hazel toner by Thayers and have been devout to applying it daily. It’s refreshing and it helps to give my skin a natural glow. I follow this up with a little almond oil for added moisture.

Shaving and Moisturizing

This shave soap has been a staple for me ever since I bought it on a whim a few years back. It comes in bar form and is generally made for men but the sales girl I bought it from said it was great for shaving legs, too, and I’ve been hooked since then. It’s 100% natural and is even made with conflict-free palm oil. Another bonus? It’s made right here in the USA.

Another local favorite is this Tokyo Factory Rose and Shea Butter Cream. Shea butter is extremely moisturizing in all the best ways – so while it’s not a part of my everyday routine, I love using it when I’m in need of a little extra moisture.

Perfume and Body Sprays

Most perfumes are made with alcohol and I break out whenever I use virtually any type. So when I found this lavender bergamot body spray by a Vancouver-based company, Woodlot, I was super excited. There is nothing better than smelling like a walking London fog.


As someone who grew up in the era of the barely-there brow, I’ve found filling in my eyebrows is my essential go-to. Living in LA means applying a full face of makeup only to have it sweating down your face by lunch time and I feel just as put together when my eyebrows are perfectly filled in. I take my brows very seriously so I’ve tried just about every eyebrow filler/pencil/powder that’s out there and I finally settled on this one by 100 Percent Pure. It’s light and a little waxy, so it shapes and fills in at the same time. All of their makeup is derived from natural ingredients and they don’t test on animals – plus their quality is on point. They also have an amazing blackberry mascara that I keep meaning to pick up again (not pictured).

Lip Color and Care

Most days, I just do a quick swipe of Burts Bees lip balm and I go about my day but for days that I’m feeling extra fancy and daring I love a good bold lip. ILIA has been a favorite of mine for years. I actually picked this one up in a boutique in Vancouver a few years ago – I know, totally gross but what can I say? I just love it. It’s lightweight, moisturizing, and the color is always a nice natural hue. A deeper red lip with maroon undertones like this one from Burt’s Bees is one of my favorite looks right now, especially for an edgier look.  I can’t wait to try it on with my Cocoon dress.

Nail Polish

While I do love a simply manicured bare nail, I do appreciate a classic red nail. This brand, called Ella + Mila, is a line of nail polishes that are 7 free, meaning that they are free from 7 of the most harmful ingredients that are in most nail polish formulas.

I’d love to know what your makeup musts are. Share with me in the comments below or join the convo over on Instagram and Facebook #novemberbeautymonth.

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