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Nordstrom’s American Made Clothes

I’m not going to lie; I totally panicked after deciding to only wear American made clothes. How is a style blogger going to keep taking outfit pictures if American made clothes are hard to find!?

For the past three weeks, I’ve featured online thrift stores and designers who only manufacture clothes in the US. I do it to make it easier for those who are thinking about sustainable fashion, but I also do it for me. I love finding new ways to be sustainable without sacrificing too much because let’s face it; drastically changing one’s habits is no easy feat.

I recently entered a contest to win $2000 at Nordstroms. As part of the entry, I had to describe what I would do with that money. I was stumped because I didn’t know if I could find American made clothes at Nordstroms. I googled, ‘Nordstroms brands made in USA’ and to my heart’s delight, I found so many clothes. There are several brands at Nordstroms that manufacture clothes in the US and that are under $50!

Nordstroms made in USA collage 1

White Dress| Floral Dress | Black Joggers | Black Romper | Floral Skirt Blue Joggers

Dresses, florals and joggers (the pajama looking pants on the right) are at the top of my shopping list. J’s not a huge fan of the pajama trend, but I love it. I’m all for wearing pajama like clothes out in public.

Which one of these is your favorite?

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