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Oh, Hello Market45

Several months ago, Shannon of Factory45 asked if I’d like to join her latest idea. If you are new around here, then you wouldn’t know Shannon is the reason why Sotela exists. She was the one who gave me the courage and knowledge to change careers and launch Sotela via Kickstarter.

Her latest venture, Market45, is an online marketplace where you can shop 20 slow fashion brands from one place.

One of the challenges to shopping sustainably is not knowing where to buy everything on your wish list, especially if you are used to going to the mall. Sometimes I miss being able to get everything from one single place because shopping solely from responsible brands takes research and patience. My family and friends usually come to me when they want to buy something from an independent brand because they don’t know all the brands in this space. 

There are so many independent makers popping up each day that it can be overwhelming keeping up! I’m happy there are so many choices, but it can also make shopping difficult. 

Enter– Market45. Your one stop shop for buying intentionally made products that are either manufactured locally or produced with recycled and/or eco-friendly fabrics.

All 20 brands included in Market45 are Factory45 graduates, which makes it even more special. We all have the same beginning, but have wildly different brands. 

Everyone who shops our products through Market45, gets a 10% discount on your total order with the code MARKET45. Easy, right? 

Just in time for the holidays too. Shop your gifts from independent makers all in one place AND with a discount 😉

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