One Cocoon Dress, Three Ways

Gift giving can be tough and frustrating. I remember going to the mall and buying something out of frustration because there was too much to choose from. I figured my mom or sister would appreciate anything so I usually resorted to a random piece of clothing.

Nowadays, I buy much more thoughtfully and usually with practicality and versatility in mind. Not only do I want to get them something they will actually use/wear, but something they can also use multiple times throughout the year.

Cue the Cocoon Dress… 

It is timeless, versatile, and made with a soft fabric that makes you feel like beautiful. Even though it is a dress, it can be worn multiple times throughout the year with the right layers.

I’m going to show you just how easy it is to wear the Cocoon dress during the day, night and everything in between.

Now for the outfit details.. 

Cozy Everyday Casual

Comfort and functionality are my priorities when getting dressed. Now that I work for myself, I get to choose cozy outfits that consist of my husband’s sweater and sneakers. Fun fact: Most of my oversized sweaters are from my husband’s closet. They are the perfect amount of slouchy. Fun fact 2: My entire outfit is secondhand.

Business Casual

Fun Fact 3: I wore this outfit when I was an urban planner earlier this year. I actually gave my two weeks notice to my boss while wearing a Sotela dress. Talk about emotional and powerful 🙂 Anyway, this is a totally office appropriate outfit!

Going out with friends

It’s all about the layers! When the weather is cool, I wear my cocoon dress with plenty of layers like this crop-top from Everlane, camel cape, booties, and hat. I love wearing crop-tops and sweaters over this dress because it creates an illusion of length. It makes me look taller without having to wear heels because there is nothing worse than having comfortable feet. Fun Fact 4: These boots are from the boot store my mom owned with my dad back in the early 90’s.

The cocoon dress is not only versatile, but comfortable as well as chic!

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