One Month To Kickstarter

Holy moly, it feels crazy to say that I will be launching on Kickstarter in one month! Things are moving really really quickly now, even though I’ve been working towards this for over a year.

Let’s go over the timeline of events, shall we?

December 2014: I realize I want to start a clothing line.

January 2015: Panic about December’s realization. Email Shannon Whitehead of Factory45 to see if my idea is good enough.

February 2015: Apply and get accepted to Factory45. Panic again. 

April-May 2015: Buy the domain and start sourcing fabrics. Realize that the fabric I wanted was a woven fabric and not jersey.. 


May – October 2015: Deal with some health issues that push Sotela aside. Go on a trip to NY to meet with some friends in the sustainable apparel industry and the Ethical Writers Coalition. Get pumped to move forward with Sotela.

November 2015: Finalize design sketches and realize I’m not the greatest artist.

December 2015: Ask very talented friend to redraw my sketches so they don’t look like they were done by a toddler .

design sketches

January 2016: Find the perfect fabrics and meet with a production partner in Costa Mesa, CA.

fabrics 4

February 2016: Start making samples!



March 2016: Try on first fit sample, make revisions, try on second sample, make more revisions.

This is also when I realize I don’t want to launch during the summer and should Kickstart in May. So I hire a videographer, photographer and models for the campaign. Finally get my samples! 

final samples

April 2016: Shoot the video and lookbook for the campaign with the final samples!

You bet I will be taking pictures this weekend during our video and lookbook shoot! Can’t wait to share the experience with you guys.  Click here to follow along on Instagram or follow me on Snapchat @sotelaco!

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