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Our Evolution

2018 has been the year of evolution for Sotela.

We rebranded Sotela and honed our values and messaging. 

We redesigned the website to reflect an elevated Sotela. 

We added two sizes and will continue to add more.

We introduced colors and patterns to Sotela’s collection.

We are changing our model to be made-to-order. 

By the end of this year, you can expect this list to be longer!

Winter is Coming..

Our next collection will continue to reflect our evolution in this space. We’ve taken the design process with this next collection slowly because it’s something we’ve never done before. Two of our new pieces will be completely new to me and Sotela. 

We are also adding more colors and fabrics to this next collection. You can expect to see some of your favorite pieces restocked and better than before. They will be part of the new Essentials Collection that is also launching this year.  

But first, what are your favorite Sotela pieces and which should we bring back to include in the Essentials collection? 

These are the styles I’m planning to restock and include in the Essentials Collection:

Ryan Trouser- More fabric and color choices 

Lena Pant- More fabric and color choices

Stella Jumpsuit- Different fabric 

Pocket Cocoon- Different fabric and updated design 

Lyla Crop top- More fabric and color choices 

The current Essentials Collection has the Pocket Shift, Pocket Cocoon, and Jersey Swing dress. If enough people want the Jersey Swing dress restocked, I can do that! There are only a few left in each size.

Both the Pocket Shift and Pocket Cocoon dresses are now on sale in order to make way for updated designs next month. 

As of right now, there are several styles that will be leaving for good:

Pocket Shift Dress- The updated dress that will be included in the Essentials collection will be a hybrid of the Pocket Shift and Cocoon i.e. longer length!

Jersey Swing Dress (depends on you!)

Remy Dress

Heather Dress

Mara Jumpsuit

Marsh colored dresses and pants

As always, any decision I make greatly depends on you! I’m here to serve you and create clothing you want to wear. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to comment on this post!

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