The Pink Collarless Coat

pink collarless coat outfit 2

Pink can (ironically) be a scary color to wear because it is very girly. I stopped wearing pink in high school because I didn’t want to appear young. You know how that goes. I embraced the color last year and now own three pink items. This pink collarless coat is now one of my favorites because it is feminine and Audrey Hepburnesque.

pink collarless coat outfit 3
Pink collarless coat outfit
pink collarless coat outfit 4
pink collarless coat outfit 5

Juxtaposing pink with edgier clothes balances the little girl factor. If you are apprehensive about wearing bright colors or pastels, pair it with something that is the complete opposite. I would wear bright clothes and pastels with boyfriend jeans, cargo-like pants, joggers (similar to sweat pants) or anything that doesn’t scream girly such as lace. Mixing patterns and textures also makes a huge difference! Remember this outfit? I mixed two unexpected items together and loved the outcome.

For those who love pink and embrace the color, my hat’s off to you.

P.S. My hair is much shorter than the picture I put up on Instagram!! I went back to my hair stylist to fix one uneven side and came out with shorter hair.

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