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Planning My Fall Wardrobe Part 2

As promised, today is the last day in the planning my fall wardrobe series. Last week, I identified my style and looked at my closet to decide what I need. Today I will be determining my budget and sharing where I will buy the items in my shopping list. Since I have most of the basics like black jeans, faux leather and a chambray shirt, I don’t have too much to buy.

Here are the items I would like to add to my fall wardrobe and the order I plan on buying them.

Planning My Fall Wardrobe Part 23. Determine your budget

I ranked these items in my shopping list based on priority because I like to shop slowly. I feel like when I want to buy things quickly, I start impulsively buying more than what I had planned. With this list, I can scour the internet and thrift stores to get the best deals. My budget for this wardrobe is $200, but I plan on spending much less. This fall wardrobe will also be carried out through the winter so my budget isn’t really that high.

4. Take a look at the brands mentioned on Gold Polka Dots

I’ve researched all the eco-friendly/ethically made brands to come up with my shopping list.  Below are the details for each item :

Black booties: $ 100 at 6pm or DSW
*Shoes are the one item I don’t buy eco-friendly or ethically made because they are either way too expensive or not comfortable for my plantar fasciitis.

White Button Down: $55 at Everlane

Track Pants: $10 pattern from Indiesew or $38 from Lush via Nordstroms

Grey Tee: $18 at Everlane

I listed two options for 3 because I found a great pattern at Indiesew for $10. If I get the courage to sew it myself, I will use this pattern! The second option for 3 is from the Nordstroms made in USA section that I’ve mentioned before. If you google ‘Nordstroms made in USA’ you will find a ton of clothes. I didn’t include any sweaters in this list because I plan on scouring thrift stores. There are plenty of jeans and sweaters at thrift stores, which make me confident I will find what I’m looking for for under $10.

Have you started planning your fall wardrobe?

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