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Planning My Fall Wardrobe

Last week, I shared tips for planning your fall wardrobe and since fall is just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to walk you through my planning process. Before each season, I briefly go through the process I mentioned last week to make a list of items I would like to buy.  Even though my style is fairly consistent, I do change a bit for each season. For example, my summer style is more feminine since I tend to wear more skirts and dresses as opposed to in the fall where I prefer to be comfortable with oversized knit sweaters and boyfriend jeans.

1). Identify Your Style

My fall style is comfortable, laid-back with a touch of feminine. Even though I like oversized sweaters, my outfits still look put together. I’m not one of those girls who can pull off the just got out of bed boho-chic look (think Olsen twins).

In identifying my style, I also think about color scheme. I usually tend to gravitate towards colorful outfits, but this season I want to keep it more neutral with black, camel, grey and a hint of burgundy and mustard.

Here are inspiration photos from Pinterest for my fall wardrobe:

Jean jacket, black jeans and booties

Image via: Native Fox

White button down and track pants

Image via: Pinterest (source unknown)

Beige oversized turtleneck sweater

Image via: Who What Wear

Grey layers

Image via: Could I Have That

Camel colored coat and leather leggings

Image via: Teen Vogue

 2). Look at Your Closet

Based on these inspiration photos my fall style will consist of chambray, black jeans, leather leggings and skirt, neutral colored sweaters, white and grey tops, burgundy accessories, booties and track pants.

Thankfully, I have many of these items in my closet, but there are things I would like to add. Here is my shopping list for the season: Camel/beige oversized turtleneck sweater, white button down shirt, black booties, gray shirt, and track pants.

 Next week we will be talking about budget and where to buy all these items!

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