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Everlane Box Cut Tee and Flared Jeans

When I first started this blog, I thought I had to constantly buy new clothes to never repeat an outfit. Yes, I thought I would have one of those fashion blogs with a new outfit every week. I started going to Forever 21 and Old Navy more frequently to buy items for my posts like this skirt, sweater and pants. It took couple of months before I asked J if I should quit blogging. I felt materialistic and didn’t know why I wanted to tell people to buy the skirt I just bought.

J told me to not quit and to find other things to talk about. I started looking up social enterprises I could highlight and googled sustainable fashion. I figured there would be organizations or companies that made fashion sustainable even though I had no idea what that meant. I immediately saw Shannon Whitehead’s article, The 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Clothes, and read it without knowing it would be the catalyst for Sotela.

Since that article, I pledged to only buy ethically made clothes, which is a lot easier than you think and changed my relationship with materialistic items. I started questioning everything because if the fashion industry could get away with as much as they do, what are other industries getting away with?

I also had the realization that repeating outfits on fashion blogs are okay. You can still look good while wearing an item you already had in a different way. I’m trying to break the idea that you have to wear a new outfit to every event. When you find something that looks good, keep on wearing it! Add some accessories to make it look different, but know that if it looks good on you, it will keep looking good on you.

everlane box cut tee Everlane Box Cut Tee and Flared Jeans

My Everlane Tees (here and here), Cuyana hat and Angela & Roi purse will be repeated on the blog often because when I like something, I keep wearing it.

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