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Second hand is Great, But New Can Be Good Too

This post was originally posted by Summer Edwards of Tortoise & Lady Grey, a blog dedicated to promoting ethical and sustainable wardrobe choices.


Buying second hand garments is an important part of sustainable fashion. In fact, some sustainability advocates will suggest that a sustainable wardrobe should only contain second-hand items. And with good reason. “According to the EPA, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of textile waste per person per year, and clothing and other textiles represent about 4% of municipal solid waste. But the figure is rapidly growing.” By incorporating a significant proportion of second-hand garments in your wardrobe you can help to reduce the amount of usable clothing which ends up as waste.

However, this is only one side of the issue. I believe that it is also critical that sustainably-conscious shoppers buy some proportion of new garments for their wardrobe. It doesn’t need to be a large proportion of your shopping, but it is important that we all commit to supporting sustainable fashion labels that have sustainably produced new garments.

Why this is so important? The current industrial fashion system churns out countless poor quality ‘throw away’ garments, designed to be worn and discarded as fast as the trends change. More and more, the clothing that ends up in our thrift stores is not designed to last beyond a few wears. On the one hand, buying these discarded garments ensures that this resource isn’t wasted entirely. But increasingly, your second-hand purchases won’t last you very long before you are forced to retire them to cleaning rags, compost or landfill. So on the other hand, buying second hand garments will not enable create a long lasting wardrobe. Neither will it give the fashion industry an imperative to change.

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