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Secondhand and Repurposed


It is no surprise that I LOVE thrift shopping. It is one of the easiest and most sustainable things you can do. You can make your thrift shopping trip even more sustainable by bringing your own bag 😉 I stayed away from thrift stores for so long because I thought they were dirty, had dirty clothes and didn’t have anything I would like. It is sad they have a bad reputation because they are far from being dirty or not trendy. Most of my outfits from the past two years were bought at consignment stores (I.e this dress, sweater, dress, jumpsuit, and this outfit).

kimono 4 kimono 1 kimono 2

An easy way to have the secondhand benefits without the thrift store experience is by swapping clothes with a friend. I know it seems weird to randomly ask your friend if they have any clothes they don’t wear anymore, but you can find some real treasures.

 I asked a friend if she had any scarves she didn’t wear because I was thinking of repurposing them to make a kimono. This opened up the conversation and she asked if I would be willing to check out other clothes that didn’t fit anymore. I obviously said yes and now have some pretty cool items like this American flag scarf that I made into a kimono for the fourth of July (using this easy tutorial).

I wore my kimono with thrifted jean shorts and an old leotard I hadn’t worn in years. I did ballet for 7 years in elementary school and started up again 3 years ago. I repurposed my old leotard to use as a body suit that will get plenty of use this summer.  Now it won’t sit in the garage collecting dust.

Swapping clothes with friends doesn’t have to be an awkward conversation. You can tell your friends that you’ve been minimizing your closet and have tons of clothes you don’t wear anymore. Ask if they would be interested in doing a clothing swap. Each person can bring several items they don’t want anymore and everyone can choose new pieces. This could be a great way to transition to the idea of secondhand clothing.

Would any of you be interested in a clothing swap in Los Angeles? I would love to host a swap if I knew there were enough people who were interested. Let me know by either commenting this post or emailing me!

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