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Shopping Sustainably Isn’t Easy

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The other day I was talking to a friend who said she really wanted to go shopping. She looked at this post and thought being sustainable was an option until she saw the prices. It isn’t easy letting go of all our previous inclinations such as going to the mall after work and buying something cute for the weekend.

Just this past weekend I was talking to J and having a moment of weakness. I, like most of you, live on a budget with little extra cash to spend on myself. If I have extra cash, I use it for my home.  I used to always be at the mall buying trendy clothes from Forever 21 and H&M. I haven’t been in either store since January and have mainly stayed away from malls. There are so many clothes I want to buy, but haven’t because sustainable brands can be pricey.  It has been hard giving up an old habit, but I remind myself why I’m doing it and what it means even if people think it is extreme.

Do any of you watch Orange is the New Black? Well, I’ve been HOOKED and slowly watching every episode because I never want it to end. In a way, I feel like Soso protesting the conditions of something larger. She protests against the jail’s conditions by going on a hunger strike and I’m protesting unsustainable clothing brands by not buying those clothes. Some people I know have told me that it won’t make a difference and doing this one thing won’t solve the world’s problems. I know that, but after discovering what really happens behind the scenes in the fashion industry, I would feel guilty supporting it. Being more sustainable has given me a desire to sew, taught me to shop my own closet and browse thrift stores.

I recently started shopping my closet and finding new ways to wear clothes I’ve had for years. I try to add different accessories such as belts, scarves and necklaces. I have also been experimenting with dresses by making them either skirts or shirts with a belt. Rotating your clothes makes you feel like you have more and can help to see what holes you have in your wardrobe. I take note of the holes I have such as pants that aren’t jeans, or a white oxford shirt and look through the sustainable brands I’ve mentioned here on Gold Polka Dots. If I really want it, I save my money and buy it when I can.

Supporting only sustainable fashion brands hasn’t been easy, especially since GPD is partially a fashion blog, but I’m enjoying the process and learning a lot along the way.

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