Sneakers Without the Gym

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I am the new proud owner of New Balance sneakers that have been on my feet 4 times in the past 7 days. You will probably see me sporting them today. I am all about comfort nowadays and absolutely love the fact that this sneakers outfit doesn’t involve workout clothes.

Here are some tips to wear sneakers outside of the gym:

1. Make sure they are fitted. I have another pair of sneakers that are big and chunky (with lots of support) and don’t look good with anything other than yoga pants. When I went shoe shopping, I made sure to buy sneakers that were fitted, yet comfortable and supportive for my plantar fascitis.

2. Have fun with colors! I knew I wanted pink or mint so I looked for shoes with these colors. Lucky for me, these have both! Colorful sneakers look great with jeans and just about everything.

3. If you wear a skirt or dress, make sure it falls above the knee. This length looks best with sneakers because it elongates your leg. I paired mine with a short leather skirt and it looked great.

4. Rolled up jeans look great with sneakers. Instead of hiding them, show them off with boyfriend jeans that are rolled up or skinny jeans also rolled up.

Would you wear sneakers without workout clothes?

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