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Sol Collection Part II

Surprise! We added three new designs to our Sol Collection today.

This mini release began with two friends and their wonderful suggestions. One friend on Instagram asked if it was possible to combine the Stella and Flor to create a wrap culotte jumpsuit. As soon as she planted that seed, I couldn’t get it out of my head. However, I didn’t want to release one new item by itself so I sat on the idea until I saw my friend last month.

This second friend who I’ve known for 11 years casually suggested I release new items for summer. She didn’t know I had the Stella Culotte jumpsuit on my mind, so it was quite serendipitous. That night we came up with several designs for this release.

Since then, we’ve tested five designs and narrowed it down to three. Unfortunately, the Lisbon wrap didn’t make the cut. We tried making it work, but the design didn’t look good with linen. Sorry to have gotten your hopes up!

Anyway, the best part of this collection are our two surplus fabric options! After visiting a deadstock location in Los Angeles (surplus fabric from other fashion brands), we chose two beautiful linen rolls in chambray and floral.

Using deadstock fabric has been a goal of mine for a long time so I’m glad we are finally giving it a chance. However, it is very limited. We only have a roll in each new fabric. If you like either of these fabrics, I suggest getting them quickly!

Now onto the collection– I’d like to introduce you to the Stella Culotte Jumpsuit, Flor Crop top and Linen Cocoon dress.

The Stella Culotte is my absolute favorite of the three. I’m so excited about this design because it takes everything I love about the Stella, but makes it light and fresh for the summer heat. The difference between the original Stella and the Culottes are the pant shape and sleeves, which are slightly longer.

The Flor Crop top is made from the bodice of the Flor Jumpsuit. Unlike the Lyla crop top and its boxy design, the Flor is slightly tapered and more fitted.

We brought the Pocket Cocoon dress back, but in linen! I forgot how much I loved this classic design. It’s so simple, comfortable, and an instant mood booster. There’s something about wearing a potato sack that makes you feel good, haha!

Since we added these two fabrics to the entire Sol Collection, they are also available in the Lena pants, Luna wrap dress, Flor Jumpsuit and Lyla Crop!

I hope you love this summer release of the Sol Collection! All three designs are offered in our 0-10 size range. If you have any questions on sizing or fit, please reach out at hanna (at)

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