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Someone’s Gotta Do It

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I know I’ve been mentioning eco conscious lately and I use that phrase to describe a more natural lifestyle. To me, it encompasses more than just beauty products, but also clothing. I’m trying to switch out most products I use now with all natural ones that don’t have any chemicals because who really needs toothpaste with antifreeze (propene glycol)?  Some are easier to transition to, while others may take a while (i.e. menstruation cups). Yes, I said menstruation cups.  Someone’s gotta do it…

I don’t know why it’s so taboo to talk about periods. I even feel weird talking about it on the INTERNET, but this is a blog dedicated to living an eco-conscious lifestyle, so here we go…

Pads and tampons contain plastic chemicals and even BPA that can cause a myriad of diseases. BPA and other plasticizing chemicals can cause heart disease and cancer. Like fabric in clothing, the cotton in pads and tampons has traces of pesticides and GMOS (genetically modified organisms). These chemicals are absorbed in your blood stream and can affect your reproductive system.

I honestly couldn’t believe it when I read more about the harmful effects of tampons. It seems like we (men and women) just can’t get a break, huh? Buying natural products may feel useless because EVERYTHING has chemicals, but the point is that by only purchasing natural products we are creating more of a demand thus affecting the supply. As the consumer, we have the power to change the quality of products by simply not buying the ones with chemicals.

Remember how I said pads and tampons have plastic chemicals? Well, imagine the havoc they wreak on our environment when thrown away in landfills. “An average woman will use over 16,000 tampons or pads in the course of her lifetime.” I’ve recently started paying attention the amount of waste I create at home and how it will decompose in landfills. Most packaging is made of plastic and we all know how bad plastic is for the environment.

Due to all the reasons above, I started using a menstruation cup for my periods. Most of you will say, “eww, that’s gross,” but it honestly isn’t that bad. I bought the Diva Cup from Amazon and really love the convenience of not having to change my pads or tampons every couple hours. The Diva Cup can last up to 12 hours so you only have to take it out to clean it every morning and night. Check out their website for instructions and FAQ 😉 I thought a menstruation cup was too hard to transition to, but I’m glad I tried it. I don’t think I will ever go back to pads or tampons because of how easy the cup is to use. Plus, it is more comfortable and no leaks! Tell me that isn’t amazing?

**Unsure about the cup? Click here to see other eco-friendly period alternatives. 

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