#Sotelaeverydaywoman: Alexis Atarian Reddy

It’s amazing when you meet people that just get it.  They get that less is actually more and quantity doesn’t make you trendier or even cooler. They understand that every outfit you own should be bold, comfortable AND make you feel amazing. Just because sizes change, styles shouldn’t have to.

Alexis has made it her career to help women curate the closet of their dreams. She emphasizes shopping your own closet and carefully purchasing pieces that are timeless and essential for your lifestyle.

Alexis is a #sotelaeverydaywoman.

The Sotela Everyday Woman

The Sotela Everyday Woman

What is your name, where do you live and tell us about your family?

My name is Alexis Atarian Reddy, and I’m from sunny Orange County California, where I live with my husband and two sons. They are a joy to my life and I am blessed indeed!

Do you believe in New Year resolutions?

I’m not sure if I believe in “resolutions”, but I do believe in having hopes for the future, and growing in discipline!

What are your resolutions for 2016?

My hopes for 2016 are to do more “Work With What Ya Got” sessions with women, be more intentional about EVERYTHING, and grow in everyday disciplines.

The Sotela Everyday WomanThe Sotela Everyday Woman

What are 3 items of clothing that you consider to be essential for your wardrobe?

Three items that I would consider essentials for a woman’s wardrobe would have to be 1. A neutral flat that could be dressed up or down. 2. A neutral dress with the same criteria. 3. And last but not least, a figure flattering pair of jeans.

Tell us about your wardrobe consulting business? Why do you think it can be so hard for women to get dressed in the mornings?

I got into wardrobe consulting, not because I have a degree in it, or long to work in high fashion, but to help women view clothing differently. I want women to see the potential in the pieces they already posses, and to not feel overwhelmed every time they get ready! Women today are bombarded with TOO MANY options, that quite frankly aren’t for them( and probably not for anyone!). Trends flash by like lighting, leaving us shocked with buyers remorse! I want to help women find a lasting style, that they can feel comfortable taking on any task that comes their way in, whether that be a business position or a stay at home mom!

What do you tell women that helps them?

What I tell women during these sessions is that 1. You are custom made beautiful, and with that being said, the pieces you buy need to be appropriate for your body type. If we don’t shop with this truth in mind, we’ll end up wondering why we feel so uncomfortable or frumpy! 2. You don’t have to dress trendy! Leave that to the fashion bloggers, and simply take aspects from fashion that fit into your lifestyle! 3. Keep your look timeless, comfortable, and modest( it’s hottest ya know!).

What is the “Work With What Ya Got” series? Why do you think that’s important?  

Work With What Ya Got” is my catch phrase that basically sums up what I’ve set out to do! When I come to your home to consult, I don’t leave you with a shopping list! Instead, we shop your own closet, and put together looks from what you already posses! This is so important, because not only will I leave my clients with tips on how to put together awesome outfits, I will also in the process be discouraging over consumption. One simple way to be more ethical when it comes to fashion is to make the most of what we already have, and be content!

The Sotela Everyday WomanThe Sotela Everyday Woman

What do you look for when you buy clothing? Do you have a criteria?

When I shop I’m either thrifting for something specific ( which takes time, and the thrill of the hunt is super fun for me), or if I know it’s something I can’t thrift, I make sure it’s a smart investment that is going to last a long time! Even when I thrift, I’m looking for high quality, timeless pieces that are in great condition! When I’m wanting to “try” a new trendy color or style I rarely buy something brand new, because I know it’s just going to be a fleeting thing.

The Sotela Everyday Woman

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