SURPRISE! We’ve added a size 3

I had planned on  sending out a survey today to ask for your help to design Sotela’s expanded sizing, but instead I’ve figured out a way to increase Sotela’s sizing to a size 3!

According to the measurements and the conventional sizing for women, the size 1 ranges from 0-8, size 2 from 8-14 and size 3 from 16-20.

I had previously said the ranges were from 0-6 and 8-12, but have compared to several sizing conventions and found that it was a bit wider than I had thought.

We are still taking preorders on our website! And if you sign up for our newsletter, we will offer free domestic shipping. We’ve got you covered 😉

Below are the measurements of the Essential dresses for your reference! If you purchased a dress on Kickstarter and would like to change your size, just email me at

Shift Dress

Size 1: 42″ Bust, 44″ Hips

Size 2: 46″ Bust, 48″ Hips

Size 3: 50″ Bust, 52″ Hips

Jersey Swing Dress 

Size 1: 44″ Bust, 50″ Hips

Size 2: 49″ Bust, 55″ Hips

Size 3: 55″ Bust, 61″ Hips

Cocoon Dress 

Size 1: 42″ Bust, 46″ Hips

Size 2: 46″ Bust, 50″ Hips

Size 3: 50″ Bust, 54″ Hips

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