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Sotela’s Mid-Year Update

Photo by Mamaniela

Someone on Instagram mentioned that in a couple days, we will be halfway through the year! How crazy is that!?

Since we are at the midway point of our biggest year, I thought I’d update you on where we are at and where we are going the rest of 2019.

What We’ve Been Up To

In the first 6 months of the year, we’ve grown exponentially. We moved out of my home office (read: kitchen, living room, dining room, and every room of the house) into a 920 sq/ft studio, launched a behemoth of a collection with new sizing that ranges from 0-30, created product videos and updated the website to reflect our new inclusive branding, and hired our first full-time employee.

I still can’t believe how much we’ve grown since January. Our growth has mostly been organic, but it makes sense with the amount of work I put into Sotela this year. The first two years I worked on Sotela part-time because I was either pregnant or with Olivia. Now that I have a full-time babysitter (hey, mom!), I’ve been putting more time into growing this baby!

Our new studio is coming along, albeit slowly! We still don’t have furniture and don’t even get me started on decorations. I’m hoping to have this studio looking good by the end of the year because I know it will take me that long. It’s such a game changer having your own space dedicated for work. I’m impressed I launched the Sol collection from my kitchen table!

A friend recently told me that people would’ve never guessed I launched the Sol from home because it looked like I really had my sh** together. Well, if only they had a chance to see the state of my home then they would’ve known I did not have my sh** together haha! Anyway, I’m so grateful with the Sol collection’s launch. It was our biggest ever and allowed us to grow and move into a studio.

What’s Next

In the last post, I talked about sustainability and our options in terms of reducing our waste. I mentioned including more deadstock fabrics, which if you aren’t familiar, are fabrics leftover from fashion brands.

Well, we’ve moved forward on that front rather quickly 😉 We have two rolls of deadstock fabric that will launch in TWO WEEKS along with a mini summer collection.

We will have three new products launching mid-July in all of the regular Sol colors as well as the two new rolls. I’m SO SO EXCITED! We will launch a new pattern and color. One of the three new items for the mini release will include a wide-leg linen Stella Jumpsuit (!!!!). Since these two rolls are deadstock, they are very limited. We only have 50 yards in each roll so once they are gone, they are gone for good.

The Fall/Winter collection is also moving forward and will launch mid-September. We will add several rolls of deadstock fabrics, including corduroy in camel and black as well as new fibers. The Avery Slip dress will be revamped in a deadstock cotton AND will be available in sizes 0-10.

Both our Summer mini release and fall collection will come in sizes 0-10. From here on out, every garment in every collection will come in those sizes.

We’ve also started developing a linen button-up shirt collection for early 2020. There will be 3-4 styles that can be worn by EVERYONE. My husband will finally be able to wear Sotela.

The next 6 months will be exciting and full of new garments/designs. I’m planning to have a grand opening/studio launch party at some point as well with clothes for you to try on!

Since we have so many new and exciting things in the pipeline, the best way to stay updated is through our newsletter! I used to send them out weekly, but it’s been a busy year 😉 Hoping to get back into that routine and sending you weekly updates/discounts/ and content that makes getting dressed in the mornings easier.

Thank you for being here and making 2019 the best year yet.


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