Spring 10×10 Challenge

I know I was on the fence about the #10×10 clothing challenge last time, but this time around has been completely different. It may have been because I did a better job planning with the weather, which was consistently warm with two curveball days. It was 92 and 96 degrees on Monday and Tuesday! Both days I had to change into something cooler because I was sweating!

Another surprising fact about this spring challenge was that I only chose 7 clothing items! I left the 8th as a wildcard to see if I needed to add anything last minute. Haven’t needed anything yet! I didn’t include shoes in this challenge because that was too restricting for me last time around. I loved having all of my shoes readily available.

These are the 7 items I’ve worn for the past 10 days!

Everlane V-neck tee– This was my first purchase from Everlane back in 2014 and it’s still one of my favorites. I’ve tried a couple of other shirts and nothing has been as ‘essential’ as this tee. I love the cut and fit because it isn’t oversized, but also not super fitted.

Thrifted J. Crew Sweater tanktop- The thrift gods have been good to me and I’ve added some great items to my closet like this top. I only wore it once because it spent a couple days in the laundry and then it got so hot. I also planned to wear it on the weekend, but didn’t have time to shave my armpits beforehand. Keeping it real, folks!

Ryan Trouser pants– I know I’m a little biased, but these pants are literally a closet staple. I wear them multiple times a week. They can be dressed up with mules/heels like for Easter, or dressed down with a crop top and Birkenstocks. I especially love the trousers in black!

Lyla crop top– One of my favorite tops to wear in the heat. I love linen because it is a cooling fabric and looks chic. I’ve gotten a lot of emails about restocking the Lyla since it is almost sold out and for now I don’t have plans to bring it back. I’m actually designing two other linen crop tops that will be released this summer!

Chambray button down (old)- You just can’t go wrong with chambray.

Remy Dress– I didn’t include the Remy in my last clothing challenge because I didn’t have one yet! So now that I have one, I can finally show off its versatility. The Remy dress is a classic button down shirt dress that is modest in length. For those of you asking, it is an inch longer than the Pocket Shift dress. It’s the perfect work-appropriate outfit, but also can be creative chic because of its layering capability. You’ll see in the outfit photos below!

Thrifted Everlane Wide Leg– Praise those thrift gods! I considered getting a second pair of wide leg pants from Everlane, but couldn’t decide between green or white. I love love love these pants. They are so comfortable, easy to wear, and make me feel great. My hips got bigger after Olivia, which I’m digging, and these pants accentuate that. Nothing wrong with more curves!

Outfit 1

I started the #10×10 challenge on Easter Sunday, which ended up being a cold day. I wore my thrifted J. Crew top and Ryan trousers with Nisolo mules. It was the perfect dressed up outfit that was also warm. I’ve always wanted a pair of nice black pants that aren’t work trousers to wear on cold event days.

Outfit 2

I wear this outfit on a regular basis. I switch off from tying my chambray shirt at the waist or wearing it loose with my Ryan trousers. My Live Fashionable Mules finish off the outfit.

Outfit 3

Can’t go wrong with a vneck tee and high-waisted wide leg pants! I probably would’ve liked this outfit more with Birkenstocks. I’m not sure how I like the wide leg pants with mules since my pants are long. Once I get them hemmed, it should fit better with mules.

Outfit 4

Now this outfit was an interesting one! I originally wore the Remy dress as a tunic over my wide leg pants, but it didn’t look right. So I decided to tie it at the waist! Talk about versatility, right? It was a little bunched up at the waist, but not noticeably bad. I’m not sure if I’d wear this outfit again, but it was interesting to try out!

Outfit 5

I wasn’t sure how I’d like the Lyla crop top with the Ryans because I was worried about the proportions. Since it’s wider at the top, I didn’t know if it would make my body look weird. Well, it didn’t and I LOVED this outfit.

Outfit 6

This was when I stopped documenting my outfits on Instagram. Ha! Just to let you know, I still kept up with the challenge, but outfit photos were getting stressful. Anyway, I wore my chambray tied at the waist with wide leg pants. Super similar to outfit 2 and still a good one.

Outfit 7

This was my no makeup, errand running day. I went to the factory with my sister and Olivia to try on samples for the summer collection! White tee and Ryan trousers with sneakers to the rescue.

Outfit 8

I’ve been wanting to wear this outfit for such a long time!! I’m a fan of socks with oxfords and have been waiting for the chance to do it. I had an interview on Monday and felt it was the perfect Lady Boss outfit.

Outfit 9

I’m actually wearing this outfit right now as I sit in a coffee shop writing this post! In the past hour, I’ve gotten two compliments on the Lyla crop.

Outfit 10

This is another Lady boss outfit that is also really practical. It is comfortable for work, but also makes me look really put together. The Remy dress looks great as a tunic over pants. It can be worn with either a t-shirt underneath or buttoned up.

I’m really happy with the pieces I chose for this challenge. They were all pretty versatile and interchangeable. I’m also happy with the outfits that came out of this challenge. I would say that my most ‘creative’ outfits were outfits 4 & 8. My favorite outfit is a tie between 5 and 10.

Which is your favorite outfit?

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