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As I currently dream of warmer weather, I put together a list of obvious spring wardrobe essentials. Floral prints, pastels and sandals are no brainers when it comes to spring outfits, but I found some items that are not only affordable, but cute!

I know California doesn’t really have winter, but this girl is still wishing for spring to come sooner. I’m a tad tired of wearing sweaters and boots. I can only imagine how others feel with the crazy weather in the east!!

Floral Print Skirt
I don’t have anything floral print! For shame.

Since I can’t really wear flats without my feet hurting (read more here) I am looking for some sandals with a heel. I don’t want anything too high because then I won’t be comfortable, but anything 3 inches and under should be fine. *Note: heels that are four inches high, but with a one-inch platform feel like only 3 inches on your feet.

Army Green Utility Jacket
I have wanted an army green utility jacket since last year.

I would love to add a floral scarf to my closet and wear with striped shirts! Stripes and florals are a great combination.

Mint or Pink Purse
Colorful crossbody purses are my favorite and a simple way to freshen up your closet. When I don’t feel like shopping or spending money, I buy an accessory that I can use through the season and it will keep me from wanting to shop!

Skirt | Skirt Ankle strap sandal | Sandal |
Green utility jacketScarf | Mint | purse | Pink purse

*Update: In 2014, I pledged to stop buying from fast fashion stores and only buy ethically made clothing. Read more about my decision here

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