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Should I Start Derma-Rolling?

What if I told you that rolling needles across your face would:

  • Produce more collagen
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Heal scars
  • Repair hyper-pigmentation
  • Remove eye bags

Would you give it a try? Would you consider dermarolling?


Derma-Rolling or Microneedling involves the use of a skincare tool called a derma-roller. The derma-roller is a device with a handle and a horizontal rotating wheel on the other end. The wheel, the main part of the derma-roller, contains hundreds of needles. Carefully rolling the derma-roller over your face multiple times creates “micro-injuries” in the skin. This puncturing produces collagen and elastin creating a plumper, fresh-faced complexion. Professionals have also stated that derma-rolling can increase absorption of skincare product by 90%. Doesn’t the thought of your serum penetrating into your skin 90% more than it already does sound wonderful?

There are also a few discussion sites with derma-rolling mamas! Yes, these women (usually postpartum) derma-roll their mid-sections to help rid the stretchmarks caused by pregnancy. If derma-rolling can help heal or reduce scars on your face, then why can’t it work on the scars on your stomach? Or your legs? Or arms? Oh, the possibilities for this little gadget!

Choosing your Derma-roller

There’s a great number of derma-rollers to choose from on the internet – especially on Amazon (and this top seller)!  Sites like Byrdie suggest this type of roller. For a safer, in-home microneedling session, professionals suggest using derma-rollers with a needle size of .25 mm or less. Anything thicker than .25 mm increases the risk of damaging the skin and should really be handled by a professional.

Putting your Roller to Use

Everyone’s skincare routine is different, but always start with a clean face! Next, apply a serum or toner to prep your skin and get ready to roll! Will it be painful? First time users have said it can be painful, but something you can build a tolerance for. Others find the use of a numbing cream helpful. You may also want to stay away from “active serums” that are known to “sting” when applied – products with glycolic acid or Vitamin C, for example. Perhaps saving the application of those active serums for times you are not utilizing your roller. Carefully roll your derma-roller over your face (avoiding your eyes), very gently over under-eye bags, and over your lips. Roll horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Some users will apply another product after derma-rolling. If your skin is sensitive, you may want to apply a small amount of your serum to test your reaction to this combination microneedling/serum routine.

How Often can I Roll?

This may be an matter of individual comfort. There are those who religiously derma-roll everyday. Those users report seeing improvements in as little as 2 weeks. And then there are the veteran rollers who have achieved the results they were looking for and derma-roll only once a month. Whatever your preference, you should expect a little redness each time you roll.

Keep your Derma-Roller Clean

Don’t forget to clean your derma-roller! The last thing you want to do is further damage your skin by prodding it with dirty needles! You can cleanse your derma-roller with rubbing alcohol (I also like to use a hydrogen peroxide from a spray bottle) and store away for future use. Depending on how often you are derma-rolling, you may want to replace your roller every month.


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