Summer Dresses

Summer Dress- Gold Polka Dots

The best thing about summer weather is getting dressed in about 5 minutes. It is so easy to put on a dress and call it a day. I’ve only recently started wearing dresses again and love the comfort and ease. Investing in light summer dresses and nude wedges are a necessity when it’s hot.

I bought this dress several years ago because of its silhouette and pockets. A great A-line dress can be very flattering and give you enough room in all the right places 😉 Pockets are awesome because it makes any dress more casual.

Summer Dress 1
summer dress 3
Summer Dress 4
Summer Dress 2

I used to never wear dresses because I always thought I had to be doing something special or at an event, but now I wear them daily. Why not wear something that makes us feel special even though we could be doing a mundane task?

I’ll leave you with this quote from #Girlboss, “Clothing is ultimately the suit of armor in which we battle the world. When you choose your clothing right, it feels good. And there’s nothing shallow about feeling good.”

Do you have an item of clothing that makes you feel good?

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