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Sustainable Clothes for the Spring

I’m still very new to the sustainable/ eco- fashion world. After reading an article about fast fashion, I knew I didn’t want to support an industry that doesn’t consider the earth or human life. Sweatshops are very real and workers are mistreated and underpaid in developing countries. This form of modern day slavery exists throughout the clothing production process.

Clothing production is like an onion with infinite layers. I’ve barely scratched the surface because understanding each layer means knowing how fabric is made and where it was made. Most clothes are unfortunately made with pesticide ridden cotton and toxic synthetics. I can’t even fathom how many toxins we are exposed to by going to the mall and buying clothes.

Since this post, I had only focused on buying clothes made in the US, but there is still a whole other facet of eco-fashion that encompasses varying degrees of sustainability. There are brands who only manufacture in the U.S. or take an extra step and use eco-friendly materials.

Sustainable is a term that should be used loosely because nothing is wholly sustainable. There will still be an impact to the environment, but nowhere near as bad as fast fashion manufacturing companies.

It is extremely complex, I know. I just hope to make it easier if you choose to buy clothes that support a ‘sustainable’ fashion model. I found three new brands that sell cute sustainable clothes for the spring!

Sustainable clothes under 200

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Don’t be scared by the prices! It is significantly more than what you will find in the mall, but like I said, eco-fashion incorporates clothing produced with more natural fabric and less toxins, which unfortunately means highers costs. These prices also help us to see clothes as an investment rather than something we will only wear a couple of times. You should definitely check out Everlane, Gypsy05 and Shop Ethica!

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