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Thrifted Swing Dress

Thrifted Swing Dress

Thrifted Swing Dress

I’ve had swing dresses on my wishlist for a while because they are comfortable and versatile. I can wear this dress for both casual and formal events, which I’ve done recently. Practicality is super important to me when it comes to shopping so I only buy items I can wear frequently and to various occasions. I got this brand new ASOS dress from……… The Goodwill!

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes you get really lucky and score at the thrift store. I happened to be on Goodwill’s website several weeks ago and they were having a $3 sale that weekend in most stores. This brand new ASOS dress with the original tags would have been $15, but with the sale I got it for $3. I also bought a camel coat for $3 😉 So moral of the story is you can get an even better deal at thrift stores if you check online for any sales.

I recently had a friend ask me why buying conventional (not ethically made) clothes at thrift stores is more ‘sustainable.’

This is why buying secondhand is more sustainable:

1. You aren’t creating demand for more clothes

2. You are ensuring clothes don’t end up in landfills *American’s throw about 68 pounds of clothes away each year.

3. You are supporting the local community

I hope the next time you need/want to buy clothes,  you check out a thrift store beforehand. Crossroads Trading Co., Buffalo Exchange, Thred Up (online) are great places to start if you are grossed out by the idea of thrift stores. They are affordable and you are saving the planet 🙂

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