Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As many of you know from last week’s post, I spent five awesome days in Chicago. I absolutely love Chicago and if the weather weren’t so extreme, I would consider living there. The downtown is so unlike Los Angeles because there is a lake, a river that flows through the city and so much green space. I also had some of the best food I’ve ever had in my life. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures of the food I ate because I inhaled each plate. I wish I had more time to eat all the food on my list! I did, however, have time to watch a Chicago Cubs game!

I highly recommend going to a game at Wrigley Field if you are ever in Chicago. We saw a great game between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Fortunately for us, the Cubs won and everyone was happy 🙂

Take me out to a ball game 3
I guess I should have waited for the sign to say Cubs Win..

Take me out to a ball game

Take me out to a ball game 1

Take me out to a ball game 2

Have you ever had a, “What do I wear to a ballgame” moment?  I know I have and the first thing that always pops in my head is denim. I love pairing denim with more denim. There is something about it that feels American (ha!). Friends, you can’t ever go wrong with a chambray shirt and jeans.

These shorts were thrifted from Goodwill for $3! Insane. I’ve been on the hunt for jean shorts for a while now that are longer than the ones I currently own. I haven’t had time to distress them with a razor, but I will soon so stay tuned for that.

Last but not least, I can’t forget about the shoes that saved me while in Chicago. Even though most restaurants and attractions are in the same vicinity, you still end up walking a lot. We probably walked over 4 miles a day just exploring the city.  When on vacation, the last thing you want is to be too tired because your feet hurt. Remember this?  Comfort is key and I have no problem sporting my sneakers with most outfits. You’d be surprised what looks good with sneakers, but you’ll never know unless you try… 😉

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