Take Your Sotela Dress To Work

The secret to a great closet is having wardrobe essentials that are versatile, but can also be layered. When I was a blogger/stylist, I always insisted in buying foundational pieces that can be worn at least three different ways and with statement accessories. Your investment in quality clothing is only as good as the number of times you can wear those pieces.

I’ve been asked if the Essential Dresses would look great to work in an office/corporate setting. Well, the answer is yes! These three dresses can literally be worn all day everyday.

Out of the three outfits above, my favorite is probably the second with the shift dress layered over trousers. I’m a huge fan or dresses over pants because it so so comfortable and perfect for chilly offices! It’s like a backwards mullet, party on top and business on the bottom.

Which is your favorite outfit? 

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