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Taking a Step Forward in Sustainability

I’ve often questioned how to balance sustainability as a fashion brand. Manufacturing comes with its fair share of waste, which we all know isn’t truly sustainable.

In this post, I mentioned several steps we can take to be more sustainable like incorporating deadstock fabrics. Deadstock is another term for surplus fabric that was leftover by fashion companies. For example, we found several rolls of tencel from an LA deadstock location that was from American Apparel.

There are many types of fabric available ranging from polyester to silk. I questioned whether to introduce synthetic deadstock fabric because rayon/viscose has a beautiful drape for dresses. However, after some thought, I decided natural fibers are best because of its life cycle. Synthetic fibers either decompose slowly or not at all at the end of its life, causing more pollution. If I truly want to be sustainable, I have to consider a garment’s life cycle.

Here at Sotela, I decided to incorporate deadstock natural fibers because it doesn’t use new resources. Both the mini Sol and fall/winter collections have deadstock fabric in the lineup. Our chambray and floral print linen are on sale now and exclusive for this summer. They are available in all of our summer designs! For this coming fall/winter, we will have deadstock tencel to look forward to, as well as cotton corduroy.

Our journey to sustainability and being eco-friendly is a continuous process. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and that begins with our fabric choices.

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