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Why Making Unresolutions Are Better

Why Making Unresolutions Are Better

Last year, I wrote a post about my 4 unresolutions for 2015. Instead of making conventional resolutions, I choose to make unresolutions that focus on how I want to feel because I could find, through opportunity, multiple paths of achieving my goal. Plus, I’ve always been terrible at keeping my resolutions after January. This is the first year that I feel accomplished with goals I set out in January.

I can honestly say that I’ve made an effort to feel all the things I wanted to feel in 2015.

I’ve felt less cluttered by slowly cleaning out my closets and drawers. I’ve slowed down my shopping by 99% and have only bought a handful of secondhand items. I’m not constantly struggling to find a place for things because I’m not bringing new things home.

I’ve made a significant effort to feel healthy this year. For starters, I eat a plant based diet. After watching several documentaries (e.g. Forks Over Knives, Vegucated and Cowspiracy), I decided to cut meat and dairy from my diet for the sake of my health and planet. I also make my own beauty and home products to reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals.

I often feel less wasteful because I usually have my reusable water bottle, bags, utensils and cloth napkins I’m no where near zero waste, but I’ve made progress this year by shopping in bulk, sewing bulk bags and using rags instead of paper towels.

I’ve felt challenged in so many ways this year after announcing my clothing line. Sotela’s first collection will launch next year via Kickstarter next year!

Having unresolutions instead of conventional resolutions  have allowed me to reach my goals from a place of intention rather than obligation. I never felt obligated to achieve these goals, but rather conscious of my actions and how I would feel if I did something that got me closer to my unresolutions. 

My unresolution for 2016 is to feel like I….

Impact lives by making them easier, everyday 


Through Sotela, I hope to impact women’s lives by being the answer to a closet where nothing fits and the time wasted trying to find something that does. We think styles should last, even if your body changes (because let’s be honest, it will).

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** Next year will bring some changes to the Sotela newsletter. Instead of sending blog posts, I will be making it more personal and sharing details about Sotela that won’t be seen on the blog. You can expect to also see fashion tips, design surveys and recommendations on how I try to live an eco-conscious life. 

January’s newsletter will have details about what I use, wear and do everyday that helps me be more sustainable. It will be different than the blog because I will share personal photos, videos and recipes. If you want to get a sneak peek of what my daily routine looks like, click through to sign up for the newsletter.

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  • Kasi Martin

    Thanks for the pingback! You’ll have to teach me your meat and dairy free ways. I’ve attemped this resolution a few times to no avail, especially when I eat out.

    • Hanna Baror-Padilla

      Of course! Unfortunately, it isn’t easy!! You can always try to cut it out very slowly. I think that always works best. I also don’t like the all or nothing mentality. If there are days when you are absolutely craving it, then by all means eat some meat and dairy. I think that’s better than trying to go cold turkey and then reverting back to how you used to be. Once I let go of all the labels, I didn’t feel restricted or forced to only eat a plant based diet. Ironically, I now prefer a plant based diet and don’t feel the need to have meat or dairy.

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  • Christine

    Oh congrats on reducing your shopping, it’s so hard at first, right? 🙂

    Ethical Fahsion + Faith

    • Hanna Baror-Padilla

      Thanks! Yes, it is hard letting go of certain habits! It’s like I had to let go of part of my identity that felt reassured with more clothing. It’s so liberating not being tied to my clothing. I now see clothing as a way to express my creativity, but not the source of my beauty.

      • Christine

        That’s awesome – I remember when I went through that too. It’s really amazing to see your beauty as something intrinsic, because that’s where it is!

        Also, I’d love to invite you to enter my super cute artisan made fair trade bundle! Open to US and Canada! See you soon on my bloggie!

        Ethical Fashion + Faith

  • stephaniegbeaumonde

    Enjoyed this post, Hanna, as I had written a similar one, on shifting to more mindful & conscious resolutions. May it be a Mindfully Happy New Year ahead!