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The Conscious Gift Guide: Gifts Under $50

 I can’t believe Christmas is almost TWO WEEKS AWAY! As each year passes, it seems like it really sneaks up on ya, right? I’m so excited to give family and friends conscious gifts this year! This is the first Christmas where I’m thinking about the hardworking people who made the gifts I’m purchasing. I want to do my part as a conscious consumer to support companies that are making a difference.  It really is a beautiful thing to give gifts that benefit everyone involved.

One of the most common phrases I hear is that conscious gifts are too expensive. Yes, most eco/ethically made items are more expensive than what you buy at the store, but it is because you are paying for the actual cost of the product including labor. There are so many great products out there that are worth the extra money, like the items in today and tomorrow’s gift guides!

All of these items are under $50 and perfect for your family and friends!

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 Earrings | Soap and Candle set | Alpaca Leg Warmers | iPod Dock | Leather Journal | Chocolate and Beer Pairing | Mustard Headband | Pearl Bracelet

Quick fun (maybe not) fact: Scented candles cause indoor pollution because of the chemicals used to create wax. The wicks in most candles are also made of heavy metals that can cause pollution as dangerous as second-hand smoke. The candle in today’s gift guide is made of soy wax and has all natural products.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s gift guides! I want to make sure you have plenty of time to by your conscious gifts for Christmas! You can also look at the Where to Shop page in the top menu for gift ideas 🙂

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