The Creative Pantsuit

I’ve always been comfortable with layers, but never dress over pants. It’s a new concept for me that started when I launched the Essentials collection. I especially love layering the shift dress over pants because it doesn’t feel overwhelming. When you are 5’3,” clothing that is too baggy can make you look like a little kid.

Wearing the Essential dresses over pants is the only way I can wear them right now because I’m still breastfeeding. No one ever tells you how much your wardrobe will change POST BABY! Yes, you will still probably wear your maternity clothing right after baby, but most of my closet is off limits because there isn’t easy boob access. I have to admit; it is a huge struggle. Just add that to the list of all the things that have changed in my life, ha!

I will say that this transition period has made me more creative in my wardrobe choices. It’s like a never ending clothing challenge! **I’m participating in the Spring 10X10 challenge! Check out my outfits on Instagram stories**

The Story Behind the Pantsuit

You may not know this, but I created the Ryan trousers in black and marsh to pair it with the shift dresses. I had the idea of a modern pantsuit for the creative woman who doesn’t want to wear blazers and stuffy work pants. The same goes for the Remy dress, which I’ve been wearing like a tunic (outfit post coming soon).

Since most of you dress for the office, I wanted to put together a work appropriate look that is comfortable and chic. When I worked in an office setting, I tried dressing out of the box because work pants and blouses can get old really quick.

Pair the creative pantsuit with oxfords, heels or even booties and you are good to go. If you work in a cold environment, I would suggest wearing a long layer that covers the dress so you don’t look too piecey. A short outer layer may make you look shorter!

Outfit details:

Camel Cape: Secondhand from my mom 🙂

Shoes: Both are Nisolo 


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