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Do you have any dresses that are either too short to wear, but you still love them? This lace top is actually a dress that is too short, even for Vegas standards. J bought this dress online from Hollister last year because he knew how much I like lace. He didn’t know how short it would be until I tried it on. It was way too short to be a dress, but works perfectly as a dress shirt (ha!). I will wear this dress with skirts or leggings and boots in the fall.

lace top as a dress 2

Shoes: Aerosoles (similar)

Lace dress as a top
lace dress as a top 5
lace dress as a top 1

Look at your closet and try to find dresses that can be worn as tops or even skirts. I’ll do a blog post soon with a dress that can be worn as a skirt, which can especially be helpful for those going on vacation soon!

P.S. J bought these Aerosole wedges for our honeymoon last year and they are extremely comfortable. I totally recommend them for days where a lot of walking is involved. I wore them all over Spain and had no feet pain. I talk more about my feet issues here. 

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