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The Granada and Pomelo Styled Four Ways

We are back to our work from home style session, but now with the Pomelo and Granada button up shirts!

I’ve always been weary of button-up shirts because of their conservative nature. They often make me think of corporate work settings or a structured lifestyle. However, with the right design elements and in the right fabric, they can be relaxed, comfortable, and versatile.

The Pomelo shirt is our boxy short sleeve button-up shirt that has two oversized pockets. The sleeves are long enough to either been worn down or cuffed for a more feminine look. The Granada is our long sleeve shirt that features one pocket and has a scoop hem.

Both the Granada and Pomelo are extremely versatile and can be worn with almost everything. They are the perfect addition to our work-from-home lifestyle because it instantly elevates your outfit to the right amount of business.

Below are four outfits with our two button-up shirts:

Outfit 1: The New Pantsuit

Nothing makes me feel more empowered and like a boss than a matching set. The short sleeve Pomelo makes the outfit casual and breezy while the Lena pants add the right flare (ha, get it? They are wide-leg and therefore flared). This pantsuit would look equally good with the Papaya shorts, which I plan to add soon!

Outfit Details:

Pomelo shirt in avocado

Lena Pants in avocado

Nisolo Elizabeth lides

Outfit 2: Get in Them Jeans

Sometimes you need pants with a button and zipper closure to feel productive, right? Add a long sleeve button-up shirt and you’ll be ready to tackle work and life. I don’t particularly love wearing jeans at home, but they sure did make me feel good.

Outfit Details

Granada shirt in black

Madewell Classic Straight jeans

Nisolo Elizabeth Slides

Outfit 3: No Pants Party

Who wants to join the no pants party? There are days when I don’t want anything near my waistline. A long dress that feels almost like a pajama slip does the trick when I want pure comfort. *Fun fact: I actually made the Avery slip in sample fabric and wear it as my pajamas.* In case I need some shoulder coverage, I’ll add the Pomelo shirt on top. It can be worn untied and unbuttoned for a casual look or tied at the waist for some definition.

Outfit Details:

Pomelo Shirt in Avocado

Avery Slip Dress

Nisolo Elizabeth slides

Outfit 4: Business Casual

Say hello to the new business casual. There’s a little bit of business and a whole lot of casual with this outfit. Hang out in your super comfy sports bra like this Free Label Andie Bra and pair it with the Granada and Lena for a put-together look.

Outfit Details:

Free Label Andie Bra

Granada shirt in black

Lena pants in sand


And if you want to see these outfits in action, here are all four outfits in this style video!

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