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The Granada Shirt Styled Four Ways

My favorite garment this season is the…..drumroll please... The Granada shirt! I’ve been finding new ways to wear it proving just how versatile it is to wear. I’m surprised at how much I wear the Granada because I loathe work clothes after leaving my cubicle job 4.5 years ago.

Below are four outfit ideas featuring the Granada shirt in white.

Outfit 1: Cozy All the Way

I’ve embraced a whole new level of cozy this year. With the new fabrics this season, I have found new ways to layer for warmth and comfort. The updated Granada is longer, which works perfectly for layering over turtlenecks for a ‘shacket’ look. The lyocell / linen fabric is a nice medium weight that doesn’t add too much bulk, but is warmer than linen. Add warm socks and comfortable clogs and you have the coziest outfit outside of pajamas.


White Granada Shirt

Kotn Fitted Turtleneck

Ryan trousers in olive sweater

Birkenstock Boston Clogs

Outfit 2: Elevated Leggings

Sometimes you just want to wear leggings, right? Adding a long button-up shirt over black leggings immediately elevates the look from athleisure- wear to casual. Add a comfortable cardigan and black chelsea boots to finish the look.


Cardigan – thrifted

White Granada Shirt

Girlfriend leggings in black

Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Outfit 3: Classic White Shirt

This is what I call the classic white shirt look. There is nothing simpler than a white button-up shirt with jeans! It’s a classic look that will always look good with any shoe. I particularly like adding boots to this fall outfit. And want to switch it up a bit? Do a half-tuck so it’s asymmetrical. It will be sure to confuse your partner and prompt  the , “why did you only tuck half of your shirt?” question.


White Granada Shirt

Perfect Vintage Jean- Madewell

Carrie Boots Aquaitalia

Outfit 4: Another Layered Outfit

I think this style post proves the Granada shirt was made for layering! Since I’m wearing the Lima jumpsuit (sleeveless Stella), the Granada can be worn under or over. We had our models from our Bosque photoshoot wear it under and I loved how it looked paired with the sweater fabric.


White Granada Shirt

Lima Jumpsuit in black linen

Able Mariella mules

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