The Shift and Cocoon 2.0

I’ve been going back and forth on whether to add pockets to the Shift and Cocoon dresses. The practical side of me LOVES pockets, but the designer part questions whether pockets make a dress look too casual. I know I know.. These Essential dresses are for the everyday, but I didn’t know if adding pockets would change the feel of the dress.


My doubts were silenced once we came up with the perfect pocket solution– pockets that are semi-hidden with the side seam. You can’t tell they are there unless you have your hands or items inside the pockets. They are just big enough to fully put your hand inside, but also won’t add unnecessary bulk by being too big.

Sotela is specifically tailored for the everyday woman, which means each piece MUST be comfortable, practical, and timeless. I think pockets fit the bill, right?

We will be selling the pocketed Shift and Cocoon dresses next month! However, there are still several Shift and Cocoon 1.0 dresses available on the site because we’ve restocked a couple of sizes and colors. Get them while they last, because once they are gone, they are gone forever to make room for the 2.0 dresses!

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