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The Stella Jumpsuit 5 Ways

For the first time ever, we decided to host a 5-day outfit challenge on Instagram. I typically feel restless towards the end of winter and need a creative challenge.

I asked on Instagram stories what garment I should wear 5 days in a row. The Stella Jumpsuit beat the Lena pant by a slim margin.

So, here we are! I wore the Stella Jumpsuit in olive sweater this week.

The Stella Jumpsuit is one of our original designs. I designed it a year after launching Sotela because I was pregnant and knew I needed something that would grow with me. Its wrap design allows it to adjust in the waist while also making it nursing friendly.

Check out our Instagram reels to see it in action plus two bonus outfits!


I was too lazy to wash my hair, which was the catalyst in choosing my outfit! Sometimes, it’s that simple, ha! For day one of the #sotelaalldayeveryday challenge, I paired  the olive sweater Stella with a denim jacket and hat for an Indiana Jones vibe.

Outfit Details :

Thrifted hat and jacket

Stella Jumpsuit in Olive Sweater


One of my favorite ways to increase the Stella’s versatility is to layer something over and make it look like pants. I layered the Granada shirt over the Stella jumpsuit and tied it at the waist.  Instead of tying the Stella in front, I wrap the ties around so I can knot it in the back. I try to keep the jumpsuit as streamlined as possible when layering!

Outfit Details:

Granada Shirt in white

Stella jumpsuit in olive sweater


Turtlenecks are an essential in the cold weather. I only have three and two are secondhand, but I wear them all the time. I paired a camel turtleneck under the Stella and cuffed the sleeves. Since this Stella has 3/4 sleeves, I wanted the turtleneck to be at the same length. Paired with striped socks and oxfords, this outfit is fun, warm, and comfortable.

Outfit Details:

Kotn camel turtleneck

Stella jumpsuit in olive sweater

Nisolo oxfords


Well, this is a first.. I saw someone layer a top over the Stella and tuck it into the ties. So I decided to try it too! I tucked a turtleneck sweater over the Stella jumpsuit and cinched it with the ties. I could’ve also tucked the sweater into them for a cropped look, but I wanted to try this too. Paired with my Birkenstock clogs and brown socks, it’s a cozy outfit for a cool day.

Outfit Details:

Two Days Mizue Sweater

Stella Jumpsuit in olive sweater

Birkenstock clogs


Fridays are my athleisure-wear day because I’m typically tired and running errands. So, this Friday outfit consists of my sweatshirt, which is on my body almost every night and weekend. I’m actually wearing it now as I finish this newsletter.Paired with black tennis shoes, this outfit is a great alternative to sweatpants or leggings.

Outfit Details:

Richer Poorer sweatshirt

Stella Jumpsuit in olive sweater

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